Saturday, April 11, 2015

Perks of Dating Me

O Dear, I am a girl so easy to please. Buy me an ice cream and a bar of chocolate and I'll kiss you all day along as much as you want me to. I have bad mood swings, I have bad PMS, but ice cream and chocolate is enough to win me again.

I am an expert cuddler. Let's watch a movie and cuddle.

It's okay to bring me to warung makan kaki lima and eat as much as we want. It's less cost on our date. I can eat alot. And it's okay to get fat together.

I can hold a conversation, you can converse with me on any topic under the sun. Football, science, politics, public policy, social, economy, anything even how overrated Syahrini are. I can understand your humour taste, I have a good sense of humour too so we can spend our time to laugh about everything. We can laugh about ourself too.

I can not cook but I'll try to cook whatever you want me to cook. Sayur asem, orek tempe, cumi asam manis pedas, tempe bacem, dan apa pun.

I know exactly where you keep your stuff, so you can ask me whenever you forgot your stuff.

I want a fun relationship. I'll call you 'bego' and you can call me 'kampret' because call me 'baby' gets boring.

You will be on my priority list. You can be sure that I will make time for you.

I am affectionate. I like hugs, kisses, cuddles, and touches throughout the day.

Your mum will love me, they always do for some reason.

I will be more than just a girlfriend, I'll be your best friend, in every way I can.

Last, I know I am too ugly to cheat, you don't worry no one would take me from you.


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